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i <3 surveys.

okay. So, we have a long weekend, during which I will probably read fanfic and manga instead of doing the 3-4 papers due next week. yeah, not looking forward to that.
oh, and Fuck everyone who gets to see GoF before me. it doesn't come to japan til the 26th :(
Anyway now I have strange fic cravings. I really want good Blaise fic O_O
Also, Harry/Ginny->Draco/Ginny->Harry/Draco. but with NO threesomes. O_O but, it would have to be done *just* right, or i would hate it.
Does this exist? Anyone?
Last night I babysat Taylor and let her watch her favorite parts of Velvet Goldmine. I got cravings for VG fic. O_O but, i'm not sure if i'm willing to search through that sea of mediocre/crappy fic to find something good.

Also, watched Smallville. "Heat" which I've always thought to be a pretty gay episode. man, smallville is SO GAY, i can't believe they air it on a family channel.
Also season 4 is on DVD. and I saw the preview for the last season. I mean i kinda wanna watch, but i can't stand Lois and it has gotten a bit less gay as far as I know. So I'm all conflicted.

Well I'll be in Japan anyway.
Being in indiana always puts me in a Stupor. I like, son't so anything all day and then wonder where the time goes. I don't understand it.

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I keep seeing my mom's friends and having conversations like a real live adult.
oh man. new GOF footage. I wanna see it like, A lot. O_O

how long do big movies like that stay in theatres? will it still be out at Xmas when I come back?
(x-posted to hell and back)

sexfesthaus is having an Icontest!

So, that means all you little bad!fic loving kiddies should use you spare time for good and create us some raunchy icons!

there will be a prize!
omg yes.

You can be as drunk as you want, really, we won't tell.
Details hopefully over at sexfesthaus if wendy has posted them yet.

Even if you haven't enjoyed the wonderful world of Sexfesthaus before, now is a lovely time to start.
I mean, there are undying groins, what more could you ask for?
I've been kinda taking a break from R/S fic lately. to mend wounds or somesuch. or, maybe it is just because i haven't seen the right fic yet.

Anyway, instead (I am very ashamed of myself), I have been reading lots of H/D.

and Maya has written exactly what I wanted for a post-HBP fic.

well, I guess I don't even know what the ships are yet, but so far it is definitely hitting the spot (while avoiding the big gaping hole) so I am very pleased.
2 boys
"good" vs "evil"
A messy black haired boy as the force of "good" and a um, lighter haired one >_> as the force of "evil"
Raito has got the evil smirk *down*!
Something about Raito following in his father's footsteps but not really
L is underfed and wears baggy clothes
Neither is canon! haha
Everyone differs to L even though he is young

Raito is the one with the girl
L is smart
I like L
that whole plot thing

Clearly, I am terribly bored.
I miss when I loved Death Note T_T
what does the ( I'm assuming) fandom term "D/s" refer to?